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You may contact us via email contactn@udecoder.com. don’t think, explore yourself, and share your passion with your blog.

Through my blog article on UDECODER.COM, I share my all experience in the ways that I have learned in my tech journey life or I must say, I am learning today also from everyone.

My introduction!

Amit Nishad

Moving forward, I would like to introduce myself to you.

Name: Amit NishadWorking As – Project HeadProgrammer, Developer, Digital Marketer,https://udecoder.com

I started my career as a Web Designer, in the duration I learn programming skills and joined after a few months as a programmer. Nowadays I am working as a Project head and handling different kinds of projects and provide a solution to my client.

I love and passionate about development and programming skill from the last 12 years. I wrote my first blog “techhub” in 2011 but due to busy schedule, I never came back on my blog. But from the last few years, I realize It should be started and at present, I am here with you and love to share my all journey in the past days.

I am still very passionate about my work in the technology sector and in my spare time I keep learning many other Tech Skills too which increases my profile more.

Technology interest!

My passion for technology has increased and reached an extreme level in the last several years, in which I have been doing programming, self-designing, business development and digital promotion, and more.

I have also made many mistakes for what I have learned so far in my career. In fact, Whatever I am able to correct today, I have learned from my mistakes.

Believe me, friends, if you are focused on your blog or online business, you will achieve success soon. Only you have to have some patience and passion in your work.

You can be your own boss. I promise you that you will be able to establish yourself by making your income through your blogging.

For which you will have to have some basic computer skills, a little patience, passion for work, and the ability to change your time, and then your life will become very easy.

Then let’s start understanding the virtual world and help you reach that point.

In addition to blogging, https://udecoder.com focuses mostly on website design, blog, business startup, programming skills, web marketing tool, SEO, affiliate marketing, digital media, and tech consultant.

Friends straightforwardly earn money from home without office and investment.

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